Accessory Apartment Review Board

The Accessory Apartment Review Board reviews and conducts public hearings on applications for temporary permits for accessory apartments. Scheduled meetings of the Accessory Apartment Review Board meet on Tuesday evenings, twice a month at 6PM in the Town Board Room at Babylon Town Hall.  Accessory Apartment Review Board Public Hearings are also live-streamed on the Town's YouTube channel. 


Board Members:Title:
Sandra Thomas Chairperson
Harold L. WadeVice Chair 
Saba MchunguziMember 
Peter DeNigrisMember 
Keith HaywardMember 
Stephanie Harris Member 
Carrie VasiluthMember 
Lamont WilsonMember 
Carolyn BivonaMember 
Andrea McGurkSecretary
Lorraine Lundon Alt. Secretary

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