Town Directory

The Town of Babylon is here to serve you and provide answers to your questions about town government or town services. Please refer to the below directory for information regarding town departments, where they are located and how to contact them. For your convenience, you can also click here to Email Us.

Department Directory

DepartmentPhone NumberLocation
Abandoned Vehicle Unit (631) 230-0057Municipal Building at North Amityville
Animal Shelter(631) 643-927080 New Highway, Amityville
Assessor's Office(631) 957-3014Town Hall 
Beacon Family Wellness Center(631) 422-7676Town Hall Annex
Beautification(631) 957-7430Town Hall 
Building Department(631) 957-3058Town Hall 
Citizen Services3-1-1 or (631) 957-7474Town Hall 
Civil Service / Personnel(631) 230-0028Municipal Building at North Amityville
Code Enforcement(631) 957-3000Town Hall Annex 
Community Development(631) 957-3051Town Hall 
Department of Public Works(631) 957-31611023 N. Indiana Ave., Lindenhurst
Environmental Control(631) 422-7640Town Hall Annex
Fire Marshal's Office(631) 893-2153Town Hall Annex
Historian's Office(631) 587-3750Old Town Hall 
Housing Assistance Agency(631) 893-1040Town Hall Annex
Human Services(631) 464-4340 ext. 200North Amityville Annex 
Long Island Green Homes(631) 422-4411Town Hall Annex 
Parking Permit Office(631) 230-0057Municipal Building at North Amityville
Parking Violations Bureau(631) 230-0057Municipal Building at North Amityville
Parks and Recreation(631) 893-2100151 Phelps Lane, North Babylon
Planning and Development(631) 957-3102Town Hall
Public Safety(631) 422-7600Town Hall Annex 
Services for the Disabled(631) 893-1053Town Hall Annex 
Supervisor's Office(631) 957-3072Town Hall 
Tax Receiver's Office(631) 957-3001Town Hall 
Town Attorney's Office (631) 957-3029Town Hall 
Town Clerk's Office(631) 957-4292Town Hall 
Town Council - Councilman Manetta(631) 957-4482Town Hall 
Town Council - Councilman Martinez(631) 957-4472Town Hall
Town Council - Councilman McSweeney(631) 957-3081Town Hall
Town Council - Councilman Gregory(631) 957-3127Town Hall
Youth Bureau(631) 422-7660Town Hall Annex