Animal Shelter

Babylon Animal Shelter

Responsibilities of the Animal Shelter

The Animal Shelter, a division of the Department of Environmental Control, provides a variety of pet services including: microchipping, dog licenses, and more for town residents, in addition to providing shelter to animals in need of care until they can be adopted by a loving family. Residency in the Town of Babylon is not required to adopt a pet from the Animal Shelter. However, you must be a resident to surrender a dog or cat for adoption or any other reason. Fees for adoption and or surrendering pets are listed below and there may be a waiting list for animals to be put up for adoption.


Adoption hours are Monday-Friday 10am-3:30pm and Saturday 10am-2:30pm. You need to be at the shelter a half hour before closing in order to have enough time to meet with our adoption staff and pets. Additionally, the shelter office can answer your phone calls after 8am, Monday-Friday. If you are over 18 years of age, come tour the Animal Shelter, meet a dog, cat, guinea pig, or rabbit and bring the love of a pet into your home. You do not need an appointment to visit our Animal Shelter during regular business hours. The below items are all included in the adoption fees. All adopted pets:

  • Will be spayed/neutered (except guinea pigs)
  • Will receive age appropriate vaccinations.
  • Dogs will be heartworm tested; Cats will be Felv/FIV tested.
  • Will receive parasite prevention.
  • Will be examined by a Veterinarian.
  • Will be microchipped and the microchip registered. 

Adoption fees are CASH ONLY:

  • Cat/Kitten $65, adopters over 60 years old $35
  • Dog/Puppy Babylon Town Resident $91.50, adopters over 60 years old $51.50 
  • Dog/Puppy Non-Resident $85, adopters over 60 years old $45
  • Rabbits $35 

The adoption process: 

  • Consult with one of our adoption staff members either by phone or in person at the shelter, prior to meeting the pet for a history of the pet.
  • Complete an Adoption Application and provide a photo ID.
  • Return with all household members prior to adoption day to meet the pet you are interested in. Some shelter pets may require more than one visit with the pet.
  • If you have a dog, a dog-to-dog "meet and greet" is required at the shelter prior to adoption day. 
  • Some pets may not be ready for immediate release to adopt. Our strays are held 5 days by law and then they will have their medical process completed. Only once that is complete, can they be picked up for adoption. The medical process may take 1-3 weeks before a pet is ready for adoption.
  • If a dog is not yet ready for adoption, the potential adopter will follow the same process as above and be given a hold slip for the dog that has been applied for. The shelter will take up to 4 applications on a dog. We do not give out a hold slip if a dog is available and ready for adoption. 
  • The shelter does not take applications on cats or rabbits before they are ready to leave the shelter for adoption. 

Surrendering Pets for Adoption:

  • Placing a pet for adoption will be dependent on kennel space, temperament, health, and age.
  • The shelter will accept pets for adoption on a case by case basis.
  • Often the prospective pet will be placed on a waiting list and then be brought in for adoption as space is available. There is no way for staff to predict how long you will be on the waiting list. Please call the shelter 631-643-9270 to be placed on the waiting list.
  • Pets may be surrendered to the animal shelter by the owner only with photo ID. 
  • Proof of residence in the Town of Babylon (driver’s license, utility bill, etc.) is required. 
  • Dogs - There is a $65 fee, $35 for senior citizens. All fees are cash only. 
  • Cats - There is a $35 fee, $15 for senior citizens. All fees are cash only. 

Animal Control:

The Town of Babylon covers 53 square miles and is serviced by 3 Animal Control Officers who enforce Article 7 of the Agriculture and Markets Law of New York State and the Local Laws and Ordinances of the Town of Babylon.

Animal Control Officers cannot enforce the codes that are in the Villages of Amityville, Babylon, and Lindenhurst. Staff in the shelter office takes initial animal control calls and complaints from residents and dispatch the many calls per year to the Animal Control Officers. 

Monday-Friday 8am-3:30pm, contact Animal Control services at 631-643-9270. Animal Control Officers respond to: 

  • Loose or contained stray dogs 
  • Cats only if injured or sick 
  • Wildlife only if injured or sick on a case by case basis. Some wildlife calls are best handled by licensed and trained wildlife personnel. 
  • **Outside of these regular business days and hours Animal Control Officers only respond to sick, injured, or vicious contained dogs after Public Safety has been contacted 631-422-7600

Please contact the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation for information about controlling nuisance wildlife (ie. raccoons, Canada geese, bats). 631-444-0310 

How to Help Our Pets:

The shelter is currently only in need of any brand of CANNED cat and dog food, in addition to the below items on our Wish Lists below. 

Help the Animal Shelter by providing items from our Wish Lists.