Long Island Green Homes


About the Green Homes Program

Long Island Green Homes (LIGH) is a Town of Babylon program that helps homeowners make energy efficiency improvements, by financing all of the upfront costs. 

Local, BPI certified, private contractors recommend and install insulation, air sealing, heating systems, and hot water systems to participant’s homes. After the work is complete, participants pay for the work over time with the money that they save on their energy bills.

Since October 2008, LIGH has been helping hundreds of Babylon homeowners reduce their monthly utility bills (and carbon footprint) by 20-40%. Our goal is to help every Babylon household reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating wasted energy in homes. Daily operations are handled by the Green Team, which is assembled of knowledgeable professionals that are eager to help guide you through the process.

Many people are under the impression that the only way to “Go Green” is to drive a hybrid car, install solar panels, and recycle their household waste. While these are positive things to do for the environment, most people don’t realize that the most cost effective thing they can do is retrofit their home.

A town-wide study was done in 2007 that looked at all of the sources of carbon emissions (pollution), and the results pointed in a clear direction. Residential housing is the largest source of carbon emissions and energy waste.

Something needed to be done, and simply making people aware of the issue would not be enough. Babylon residents needed help to overcome the upfront costs associated with making their homes more energy efficient. The Long Island Green Homes program was launched to do just that. Babylon residents are educated about their homes’ efficiency by BPI certified energy auditors, and can make improvements that pay for themselves in energy savings.

For more information about the program, please visit the Long Island Green Homes website.


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