Planning & Development

Responsibilities of Department:

The Town of Babylon Department of Planning and Development is committed to managing development through effective planning and zoning practices designed to enhance the quality of life in residential neighborhoods, create vibrant downtowns and business districts, protect the environment and promote an atmosphere in which industry can thrive. The Department advises the Supervisor, Town Board and various boards and commissions on matters of land use and development and also maintains and updates the Town’s Zoning Map, and Subdivision and Site Plan Regulations.

The Department strives to work with communities to achieve and maintain a better quality of life by providing professional guidance and coordination of all land planning and development activities, and by fairly and consistently implementing the Town’s regulations and policies.

Departments & Divisions

  • Division of Accessory Apartment
  • Division of Building
  • Division of Engineering
  • Division of Planning
  • Division of Plumbing
  • Division of Rental
  • Division of Signs
  • Division of Traffic Safety
  • Accessory Apartment Review Board
  • Planning Board
  • Rental Board
  • Zoning Board of Appeals

These divisions and boards are responsible for receiving and processing applications for building permits for new subdivisions, accessory apartments, variances, and requests for traffic safety control measures.

Division of Building
The Division of Building issues permits and enforces the zoning and local laws, ordinances, and buildings codes of the town. No building can be constructed or altered on any lot, plot, or premises until a Town of Babylon building permit authorizing the work has been issued. The Building Division requires that copies of plans, specifications, and other necessary information be filed with every permit application.

Division of Engineering
This division is responsible for site plan reviews, which ensure that plans submitted for new building construction or for major modifications to an existing site are in conformance with Town of Babylon specifications with regard to drainage, parking lot design, outdoor lighting, and landscaping. This division is also responsible for on-site inspections to ensure correct implementation of site plans in accordance with town specifications. The Engineering Division also participates in special projects.

Division of Planning
The Division of Planning is responsible for the administration of zoning, subdivision, bar/restaurant, and gasoline station applications. The division is also responsible for developing the master plan for the town. Some important issues that the master plan addresses are transportation, revitalization, land use, beach preservation, and recreational facilities.

Division of Traffic Safety
The division provides study, implementation, and maintenance of traffic signals and other traffic control devices as well as pavement markings, data collection and analysis, spot speed radar studies, vehicle turning movements and volume counts, and maintenance and updating of the Babylon Unified Code of Traffic Ordinances. Requests for stop signs and other traffic safety devices for traffic control are processed through this division.

The Traffic Safety Committee works closely with Traffic Safety Division and the Suffolk County Police Department in enforcing traffic ordinances within the Town of Babylon. The committee reviews requests for traffic control measures, as well as develops programs to reduce deaths and injuries related to traffic accidents.

Requests for street signs can be submitted using this online form.

Accessory Apartment Review Board
This board reviews and conducts public hearings on applications for temporary permits for accessory apartments.

Planning Board
The board studies and makes recommendations concerning zoning problems to the Town Board. The Planning Board considers and approves the filing of subdivision maps for home development, requiring the necessary site and street improvements.

Zoning Board of Appeals
The Zoning Board of Appeals reviews and conducts public hearings on applications for variance of the zoning ordinances. The board may grant a variance after considering the effects of these requests on the subject parcel, surrounding area, and the intended purpose of the zoning.

What is the zone for my property?

To find out the zone for your property, please visit this link or use the map below:

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