Getting Your Business Started

Looking for where to start? The Town of Babylon's goal is to make starting a business within the Town as easy as possible. Here you will find some of the necessary steps that must be taken to begin your journey.

In addition to the information provided, make sure to check our Resources for Business Owners page as well as Suffolk County's Guide for Business (PDF).

Building, Zoning, and Variances

If you're planning on building, altering, or demolishing a structure as part of starting your business, you are required to complete certain permits, certificates of occupancy, or letters of compliance. This process ensures that the appropriate state, county and town building codes are met and that the high quality of life that the Town of Babylon enjoys is maintained.

To determine your zone, please refer to the Planning Department's Generalized Table of Major Requirements of the Town's Building Zone Ordinance (PDF) as well as Part II; Chapter 213 of the Town Code for specific requirements and permitted uses.

Review the general instructions (PDF) and information for building in commercial, business, and industrial zones or see:


The information listed is specific to obtaining a permit for construction or alterations to an existing building or structure in the following zoning districts: 

- Business E, Ea or EB
- Industry G, Ga or Gb
- Industry H
- Planned Industrial Park (PIP)
- Multiple Residence (MR)
- Senior Citizen Multiple Residence (SCMR)
- Motel-Hotel (MH)

1. Building Permit Application Form (PDF) – must be completed, signed and notarized

2. Owner's Endorsement (PDF), if applicable – must be completed, signed and notarized. Note: if there is a new property owner within the past six months, a copy of the new deed is required so we may verify the current owner.

3. Contractor's Information - Must provide an individual's name and the business name, if applicable, address and license number on the building permit application and copies of the contractor's Workers' Compensation Insurance, Disability Insurance and Liability Insurance forms. The Liability Insurance must name the Town of Babylon as additional insured.

4. Surveys - 3 full size originals - signed and sealed by a professional surveyor. Older surveys that do not show all current improvements to the property are not acceptable. The survey of the property must include the following:

  • all existing and proposed structures
  • the sizes of the structures and setbacks to front, rear and side property lines
  • existing and proposed elevations

5. Construction Plans - 4 sets - Signed and sealed by a licensed architect or engineer; drawn to 1/4 inch = 1 foot scale.

6. Asbestos Certification, if applicable - If asbestos is present, a permit to remove the asbestos will be required prior to issuance of a building permit. The building permit will not be issued until a certificate is submitted stating that the asbestos has been removed and disposed of properly (copy of the manifest is required).

7. Suffolk County Board of Health Approval – 1 original and 1 copy. For new construction, expansion of existing building and/or change of use

8. Suffolk County and/or New York State Department of Transportation approval(s). May be required if the property is located on a county or state road.

9. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Permit - A NYSDEC permit is required only if the property is located within their jurisdiction.

10. Plumbing Permit (PDF) (may be required) – depends upon the work proposed. If necessary, a plumber licensed by the Town of Babylon must submit a separate application for a plumbing permit.

11. Fire Underwriter's Certificate of Approval - Required for all electrical work performed. View a list of acceptable electrical inspection companies.

12. Planning Board and/or Zoning Board of Appeals Approval - May be required – depends upon the work proposed.

For any forms not provided or for additional questions and information, please contact the respective organization or the Town's Department of Planning and Development at (631) 957-7414.