Youth Bureau

Deer Park Community Center

Responsibilities of the Youth Bureau

The Youth Bureau is responsible for the coordination of contracted youth service agencies in the Town of Babylon. These agencies include the Youth Institute, the program it operates and the various youth centers throughout the Town. The main goal of the Youth Bureau is to promote the advancement if the mental, moral and physical well-being of youth in the Town of Babylon. 

The Youth Bureau is located in the Town Hall Annex at 281 Phelps Lane in North Babylon. The main contact is Director Claire McKeon at (631) 422-7660.

For more information, please read the Youth Bureau FAQ.

Youth Institute: 

The Town of Babylon Youth Bureau oversees the operation of the Youth Institute, which was created for the purpose of organizing, operating, and maintaining youth development programs and is also responsible for the coordination of contracted youth service agencies.  

We provide the following services under the umbrella of the Youth Institute:

  • Comprehensive Mental Health counseling services ages 5-20 (includes the family)
  • Runaway and homeless youth services
  • Parenting classes
  • Social skills for neuro-typical youth
  • Social skills for children on the Autism Spectrum as well as a support group for their parents and a play group for their siblings.
  • Teen Wellness Group
  • Parent-Child Yoga

Youth Program Contacts: 

Mental Health CounselingLarissa Rosa(631) 422-7658
Project Safe Jean Fiust(631) 422-7653
Parenting SkillsBob Ranieri(631) 422-7658
Social SkillsAlyssa Bloom(631) 422-7620
Bridge ProgramKelly McNulty(631) 893-1018