Oak Beach Water Supply Project

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2017 Oak Beach Drinking Water Quality Report (PDF).

2018 Oak Beach Drinking Water Quality Report (PDF).

2019 Oak Beach Drinking Water Quality Report (PDF).

2021 Oak Beach Drinking Water Quality Report (PDF)

2022 Oak Beach Drinking Water Quality Report (PDF)

Project Updates

November 2022: 

May 2018: The well test for the McCarren well is scheduled for Thursday, May 17, 2018. Water will be disconnected for the day. Please refer to the posting placed at each house for specific instructions. You will have to take action to prevent potential damage to your booster pump during the well test. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

March 2018: New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) has approved plans for design of the new well. The well permit from NYSDEC remains pending. Design plans for the water treatment plant are nearing completion for submittal to NYSDOH.

After soliciting quotes from numerous companies to test pump the McCarren well to determine yield and recovery of the well, Delta Well and Pump Company was selected for this task.

 January 2018: Contract authorized with Maximum environmental to provide consulting and laboratory services in conjunction with the operation of the Oak Beach Water system.

Scope prepared and estimates to be requested for firms test the McCarren Well.

Comments from NYSDEC received for well and tidal wetlands applications. Awaiting response from project engineer.

PSEG, H2M and Town met at project site to initiate actions/upgrades necessary to power the new Oak Beach Water system pumps and WTP.

 December 2017: Funded via NYS Environmental Facilities corporation (EFC). 60% grant/40% below market financing.

Easement received from NYS Parks for land to host the new well building.

Comments received from EFC. Awaiting modifications/revisions from Project Engineer.