COVID-19 Wall of Heroes

The Town of Babylon is honored the everyday heroes in our community who provided essential services during the outbreak of COVID-19.

Kristen LicataKristin Licata - West Babylon
Labor and Delivery Nurse
Kristin works tirelessly to safely deliver newborns and make sure they can remain with their mothers despite the challenges our hospitals are facing. 

Teresa ValdemiraTeresa Valdemira - North Babylon
Respiratory Therapist at Stony Brook Hospital
She works 12 hour shifts, with three young children. She has been keeping her distance from them and her husband.
Michelle CangelosiMichelle Cangelosi - Babylon
Mental Health Professional
Michelle has worked diligently to move her practice to virtual appointments while continuing to accept new patients and has also been volunteering her time to field calls on the NYS Mental Health Hotline during the spread of COVID-19.

Jocelyne McKenzieJocelyne McKenzie - Deer Park
ICU nurse at Stony Brook Hospital
"During these very difficult times, I am dedicated at doing my very best and encourage the general public to stay home, be safe and practice social distancing." 
Christopher DAmico Christopher DAmico - West Babylon
Interventional Radiology at North Shore Manhasset Hospital
"We are taking care of COVID-19 patients everyday. Our department recovery room was just turned into a COVID-19 ICU. I work with incredible people that come to work everyday from all over Long Island to help. Everyday is something new but we roll with it."

Jacqueline MarieJacqueline Marie
Physician Assistant
"My wife is a champion on the front lines!  She’s gowned up for hours straight and putting herself at risk everyday to help swab and diagnose patients."
Biwedeou MagnanBiwedeou Magnan - North Babylon
Laboratory Technologist at NYU Winthrop Hospital
"As I report to work every day, my wife and 2.5 year old son are always worried about me. They are the reason why I’m still strong because of their emotional support. Together we will defeat COVID-19!"
Jessica FloodJessica Flood - West Babylon
Nurse Practitioner at NYU Winthrop Hospital
"I live in West Babylon with my husband and young son. My husband is out of work for the foreseeable future. I’m a Nurse Practitioner working nights at NYU Winthrop Hospital directly managing COVID patients. I have a great team who all care about each other and our patients and the community support has been amazing. We just need everyone to please STAY HOME!"

Marcos BenedictoMarcos Benedicto - Babylon
Respiratory Therapist at Franklin Hospital 
"This is my brother-in-law Marcos Benedicto, Respiratory Therapist at Franklin Hospital. Despite his own medical problem, he wakes up in the morning to help people in need. I salute him." 
Patty CordesPatty Cordes - Lindenhurst
Registered Nurse at Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital 
"I was called back to the bedside to assist with the influx of COVID-19 patients and lack of staff due to the same. I miss being able to hug my kids and spend time with my family due to social distancing. Please help us help you and stay home!"

Joanna KillianJoanna Killian - Lindenhurst
Cardiac Nurse at Stony Brook Hospital
A nine-year veteran of the cardiac unit of Stony Brook Hospital, Joanna and her team have been training to help COVID-19 victims. "We’re fighting a war - a medical war," says Joanna. "We are all a team, one day at a time."

Peter AltPeter Alt - North Babylon
North Babylon Volunteer Fire Company 3rd Assistant Chief
A 17-year veteran of the department, Peter oversees all EMS operations. At his day job, Peter helps transport essential employees to and from their jobs as a conductor on the LIRR.
Kevin McKeownKevin McKeown - West Babylon
Nassau County Police Department Medic
As a first responder, Kevin has responded to many calls for potential COVID-19 patients and transported them to local hospitals.

Rebecca CunninghamRebecca Cunningham - North Babylon
Registered Nurse at Long Island Community Hospital
After recently passing her exam, Rebecca began her new job in the midst of the spread of COVID-19. Rebecca and her husband, Kevin, have a 19-month-old son at home. 

Jane Abrams TuckerJane Abrams Tucker - West Babylon
Labor & Delivery Nurse
"As a nurse, not only am I responsible to take care of an ill laboring woman, I’m also monitoring her labor partner for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. I pray every evening before I start my shift that these women and their babies will be fine."
Daniela  Parente Daniela Parente - Babylon
Family Nurse Practitioner at Northwell Health
Daniela has been supporting local urgent care facilities with the influx of COVID-19 patients. In addition to her day job, Daniela is a mother, probatory member volunteer for the Babylon Village Fire Department EMS team, and works with the youth ministry for a local religious organization.

Robert MarzanoRobert Marzano - West Babylon
North Babylon FD/NYPD
"I’m an 8 year veteran of the North Babylon Fire. I’m very dedicated to helping those in the community. I’m also a 5 year veteran of the NYPD and work for a citywide unit in the Transit Bureau, Midnight Platoon. My fellow officers help with keeping the transit system safe from crime and now, with the onset of the pandemic, we are taking the extra measures to protect ourselves and also the people of New York during these hard times."

Barbara ReganBarbara Regan 
Nurse at Southside Hospital
After a three-week personal battle with COVID-19, Barbara beat the virus and went straight back to work. Originally a pain management nurse, Barbara has begun training to transition to the ICU to assist those struggling with the virus.
Daniel McCarthy Daniel McCarthy - West Babylon
Registered Nurse/West Babylon FB
A Registered Nurse in home care, Daniel visits COVID-19 patients’ homes to perform nursing assessments, monitor the patients and educate them in hopes to keep them out of the hospital. Daniel also volunteers for the West Babylon Fire Department and serves on the Board of Fire Commissioners for West Babylon Fire District. 
Bill ConboyBill Conboy - North Babylon
Emergency Room RN
"This is a photo of my father, Bill Conboy, who is an emergency room RN from North Babylon. He will be 65 years old this month, and continues to work on the front lines helping so many during these trying times. As much as we wish he could stay home, he can’t because he’s needed. I’m so thankful to him and to all the other heroes- his fellow nurses, first responders and every essential worker out there."

Evelyn PowersEvelyn Powers - West Babylon
Registered Nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital
"Evelyn is training in the ICU unit helping COVID-19 patients, in preparation for what is still to come. She has been working relentlessly and with all her heart. She knows the risk and continuously advocates how important it is to take all of the right precautions towards prevention of this rampant virus." 

Kayla Mikolich Kayla Mikolich - Lindenhurst
Radiological Technologist at Stony Brook Hospital
Kayla is a radiological technologist at Stony Brook Hospital’s emergency room and also works in the operating room. She has x-rayed and cares for countless COVID-19 patients daily.
Eleni CataniaEleni Catania - Lindenhurst
Nursing Home Nurse
Eleni was working around the clock doing double shifts and on her days off at a nursing home in West Babylon before being diagnosed with COVID-19. She can’t wait to recover so she can get back to caring for her patients. 
Doreen Lobato FrankDoreen Lobato Frank - Lindenhurst
Physician Assistant at City MD
"I have diagnosed friends, coworkers and strangers with COVID-19 while working seemingly endless 12 hour days, trying to keep myself and my family safe while caring for our community. I will continue to do my part and pray for the health and safety of our community!"

Brianna NelsonBrianna Nelson - Lindenhurst
Brianna has sewn over 100 fabric masks that were donated to healthcare workers and people at risk. She’s now busy making more to donate to a firehouse. 
Amanda DhenninAmanda Dhennin - Farmingdale
Medical Laboratory Scientist 
"I’ve been working 6 days a week for 12-14 hours a day to get the incredible volume of testing that New York has done. We are all in this together "

Jennifer DavisJennifer Davis - Babylon
Nurse Practitioner at Good Samaritan Hospital
"I have been at Good Sam for 20 years, and for the past 15.5 years as a Nurse Practitioner with Neurosurgery, although we have all redistributed throughout the hospital during this crisis. I am so proud of my Good Sam family and they way they handled this enormous challenge."

Carolina OrdonezCarolina Ordonez - Copiague
Nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital
Carolina is the mother of three and has to quarantine herself as soon as she gets home. She spends her days (12 hour shifts) fighting for other people’s loved ones to make it home. She has been a nurse for almost 20 years. 
Chelsea ByrneChelsea Byrne - West Babylon
RN at Southside Hospital
Chelsea is an RN on the Cardio Thoracic ICU unit at Southside Hospital. Her unit was turned into a COVID-19 unit and she is working directly with patients infected with the virus. 
Warren SkinnerWarren Skinner - Amityville
Certified Nursing Assistant at Huntington Hospital
He is hard working, caring and always wants the best for his patients. His endless nights, dedication and passion for his patients and coworkers really shows the amazing person he is. Even though things get difficult, he walks into that hospital radiant and with an amazing attitude and contagious smile. Thank you to you and everyone on the frontlines for all you do. 

Jenna PerrellJenna Perrell - West Babylon
Southside Hospital Emergency Room
"She has been working long hours and dealing with this COVID 19 pandemic.  She is always smiling and always putting her patients first."

Lauren LianLauren Lian - West Babylon
Plainview Hospital
Heather graduated with a BSN from Drexel U. in September 2019 and passed the NCLEX in October. Her first job is with Northwell at Plainview Hospital. Her floor was converted to a full COVID floor. She’s still training but shows up early and comes home late for each shift.

Ened BucknorEned Bucknor - North Babylon
St. Joseph Hospital
"She goes to work everyday helping those in need then comes home makes dinner, cleans and tutors her two young boys and still has a smile on her face with no sleep. She is who inspired me to become a nurse myself and I am so proud of her."
Aileen FairchildAileen Fairchild - West Babylon
Acute Medical Speech Pathologist
Aileen works at both Mercy Medical Center and Southside Hospital evaluating COVID-19 patients to ensure that they can swallow safely given the weakness they are experiencing. This is particularly important when patients come off the ventilator and need to resume eating and swallowing medication.

Stephanie InfanteStephanie Infante - Lindenhurst 
Registered Nurse at LIJ Hospital
Stephanie is on the front lines fighting the COVID-19 battle at LIJ hospital in Queens. Stephanie is nominated by her parents who are very proud of the difference she is making every day in peoples lives. Thank you to all of the heroes working tirelessly every day. 
Roxana SherrillRoxana Sherrill - North Babylon
Nurse at North Shore University Hospital
Clinical Professor of Nursing at Stony Brook University School of Nursing
After working six days in a row,10-12 hours a day, she volunteered and went with nursing students volunteers to Stony Brook Hospital to help the COVID-19 unit nurses. They brought bags of coffee  and hand-made masks. They also called families of COVID-19 positive patients to tell them how their loved ones were doing.

Tiffany FieldTiffany Field - North Babylon
Mount Sinai Nassau Community Hospital. 
Tiffany works on the D2 West Stroke unit and is currently caring for COVID-19 patients on her unit. Since patients are not allowed visitors, they work tirelessly to give extra care even if it’s just to hold their hand. 
Shadae HeadleyShadae Headley - West Babylon
ICU at Stony Brook Hospital
"Although it scares us every time she leaves her husband and children to go to work, we are so proud of her courage and commitment to the patients she serves. She is truly our hero and we are grateful that she is working on the frontline."

Lisa DonnellyLisa Donnelly - Deer Park
Nurse at Plainview Hospital
After battling COVID-19 herself, Lisa returned right back to work to help those suffering from the virus themselves. 

Diane CaseyDiane Casey - North Babylon
Medical Intensive Care Unit at St. Francis Hospital
Diane has been working nonstop in the Medical Intensive Care Unit at St. Francis Hospital. She is also a mother to 3 children. 

Denise DiazDenise Diaz - Amityville
Nurse at HRH Care
Denise helps doctors triage COVID-19 patients at the HRH Care facility in Amityville in addition to working shifts at a temporary testing site. After she’s done helping others at work, Denise comes home to her husband and two children and maintain social distance. 

Meagan Alberts Meagan Alberts - West Babylon
Emergency Room Nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital
"This has been a very tiring and scary time, but we are pushing through and we will get through this together!"
Danielle GottliebDanielle Gottlieb - Deer Park
Nurse at Winthrop Hospital
In addition to caring for her three young children, Danielle is a nurse of 15 years.  She works at Winthrop, taking care of COVID-19 patients.  

Michael KellyMichael Kelly - Lindenhurst. 
Paramedic for Stony Brook Medicine.  
Michael is on the front lines helping patients and transporting them to different locations in the hospital. He is also in the Emergency Department greeting patients as they come in with symptoms. This experience has made Michael more determined to eventually become a cardiovascular surgeon.   

Priya PersaudPriya Persaud - Deer Park
Operating Room Nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital
"Since I have medical surgical experience, I am now part of the nursing float pool working on the COVID-19 units and in the ICU. As a new mom to a beautiful 7 month baby boy, this has been an exceptionally difficult time but my son and my family give me the strength. My husband also works for Northwell Health."

James NolanJames Nolan Sr. - West Babylon
New York State Decontamination Expert 
James works 12-14 hour shifts each day to ensure the health professionals at the testing site are safe and has been staying at a designated hotel away from his family since he joined the battle against COVID-19. 
Megan ReillyMegan Reilly - Babylon
Surgical Nurse at LIJ, New Hyde Park 
Working 12 hour shifts, Megan comes home both physically and mentally exhausted, having to quarantine from family and friends after caring for COVID patients- keeping in touch through FaceTime. 

Brittany ChaseBrittany Chase - North Babylon
Cohen Children’s Hospital Emergency Room 
"I do ultrasounds for sick children and now adults up to 30 years old to help determine if my patients have medical issues needing surgery or medicine.  I gown up every day to help protect myself and others from COVID-19  My tests can help determine if the patient truly has signs of COVID-19 or any other underlying conditions."

Nicole KaplanNicole Kaplan - North Babylon 
Neuro ICU at Good Samaritan Hospital
Nicole is graduating Aldelphi University on May 20 and will be an RN. She has been working at Good Sam while going to school full time.  

Chelsea UnayChelsea Unay - North Babylon
Labor & Delivery Nurse at Katz Women’s Hospital 
"Chelsea recently graduated from Molloy’s nursing program to be a labor and delivery nurse. She landed her dream job at Katz Women’s Hospital at Long Island Jewish Mendical Center. While COVID-19 is taking over hospital floors, she is working tirelessly putting in long hours and keeping a smile on her face for these moms trying to deliver their babies during the most horrible time."

Cristina McCauleyCristina McCauley - North Babylon
Dialysis Nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital
"At 63 years old, she has been working 15-hour shifts 5 days a week. I can’t express the fear I have for her everyday when she goes to work, but she doesn’t slow down because her patients need her. I hope to be half the woman, mother, grandmother, sister, wife, mother in law and aunt that my mother is."

Danielle Marie NangleDanielle Marie Nangle - North Babylon
CNA at Stony Brook University
In addition to her job at Stony Brook, Danielle volunteers at Brentwood Ambulance with her husband Alex. Danielle is on the frontlines of this COVID pandemic and is there for the emotional support of the hospital staff along with her family and friends. 
Robert Brodmerkel Robert Brodmerkel - Babylon
Custodian/Safety Coach at Good Samaritan Nursing Home
Robert has been putting in a lot of overtime and has been collecting PPE donations from individuals and local businesses to help support his coworkers during this difficult time. 
Stacey ProcidaStacey Procida - West Babylon
Nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital
Stacey, is a devoted Nurse who works in the “step down”  unit and is a preceptor to many new nurses at Saint Joseph’s. She and all the staff are doing everything they can to take care of all who enter Saint Joe’s. Stacey believes “It’s fulfilling to feel like you have a purpose and that you make a difference in this world, especially at this time of need!” 

Stephannie LennonStephannie Lennon - Lindenhurst
Stephannie has raised around $5,000 so far for local small businesses that are struggling with the spread of COVID-19. Through her Facebook group, Shopping Local in Lindenhurst, Stephannie comes up with creative ways to collect donations, like gift card giveaways, to those who support the cause.

Our local SMART union workers keep trains running to transport essential workers, like health care professionals and first responders, to their jobs. Track workers, frontline conductors, car appearance maintainers and inspectors are working through the COVID-19 outbreak while taking the proper safety precautions to keep passengers and themselves safe. 

Siddikha AbrahimSiddikha Abrahim - Deer Park
Laboratory Supervisor for NYC Health + Hospitals
"The samples keep coming 24/7, 7 days a week, half the staff is now COVID-19 positive so we work as long as we have to in order to get these results out! My strength and motivation are my children, who I cannot come home to right now. I keep working and praying, hoping to be with them soon!"

Meghan HarveyMeghan Harvey - Babylon
Labor and Delivery Nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital. 
Meghan and her husband Mike are both nurses. Meghan has two young daughters and is 35 weeks pregnant with her son. 
Karen Vassiliou Karen Vassiliou - Lindenhurst
Registered Nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital 
Karen has spent twenty three years specializing in cardiology.  “We are caring for your loved one like they are our family. Stay home and stay safe."

Rebecca KrugRebecca Krug - Lindenhurst
CCU nurse at Montefiore Hospital
"Rebecca is pregnant and has been working extra shifts, caring for COVID-19 positive patients. She has a 2 year old son at home. She is my hero!"
Each day, EnCon’s hardworking crews are all over the town keeping the essential service of waste collection going, despite the spread of COVID-19. 

Michael LindnerMichael Lindner - West Babylon
Student/WBFD Volunteer
With his time off from school, Michael has been cutting the lawns of health care workers while they work long shifts helping COVID-19 patients. Michael is also a member of the West Babylon Fire Department. 

Public SafetyTown of Babylon Public Safety
Public Safety officers have been vital in enforcing social distancing regulations in our parks.

Fire MarshalTown of Babylon Fire Marshal
Our Fire Marshals have continued to respond to emergency calls and inspect essential buildings.
General ServicesTown of Babylon General Services 
Led by Commissioner Joe Ferrandino, our custodial staff has been working tirelessly to disinfect all town facilities - roughly 100 buildings - to keep the public and our employees safe.

Lauren DonaldsonLauren Donaldson - Deer Park
RN at Good Samaritan Hospital
"My department was the first to receive COVID-19 patients. It’s been a trying time for most of us working long hours but the rewarding part is watching our patients recover and go home. My husband is a police officer with the NYPD and we’re both on the frontline trying our best to keep as many people safe." 

Jessica Castillo NP Alex Apuzzo RN Danielle Outlaw RN Jessica Castillo NP, Alex Apuzzo RN, Danielle Outlaw RN - West Babylon
These three West Babylon sisters are saving lives as frontline workers at Good Sam and Northwell.  

Tiffany SmithTiffany Smith - North Babylon
RN at Mercy Medical Center
"Tiffany is a graduate of North Babylon High School, who later graduated from Caldwell University with her BSN in Nursing. In her first year as an RN, she has been working her 12 hourr shifts battling the COVID pandemic. Despite seeing the unimaginable, she is still motivated in giving her all to her patients on a daily basis." 

Colleen Padrone Baccarelli Linda Georgiades TropeColleen Padrone Baccarelli & Linda Georgiades Trope - West Babylon
Emergency Room Nurses
"Colleen and Linda have been best friends since first grade and are both graduates of West Babylon High School. They have stuck together and now are working together on the front lines battling COVID-19 .They leave their young families at home - always committed and dedicated to helping others in need!"

Jennifer KenningJennifer Kenning - Deer Park
Neuro ICU at Winthrop Hospital 
Jennifer has been working with COVID-19 patients. She is a single mother of two girls, who not only has been working her regular hours at the hospital but picking up extra shifts to help out the other nurses. 
Jessica NievesJessica Nieves - North Babylon
Ultrasound Technologist at Good Samaritan Hospital "Scanning both COVID positive & negative patients, Jess works tirelessly doing her job while keeping her patients safe at all times. Her family could not be prouder of her especially during this pandemic. Thank you Jess for all you do!"

Winter BrosWinter Brothers 
Our Commercial Garbage District collectors, including employees like Kin Pizarro, have carried out uninterrupted waste collection for businesses still providing essential services. This is a key service to help keep our environment clean.

Diana GonzalezDiana Gonzalez - Lindenhurst
ER Nurse at NUMC
Diana tested positive for COVID-19, battled bilateral pneumonia but thankfully made it through. She’s now back working on the frontlines. 

ALLISON ROMANSKY Allison Romansky - Babylon
PA at Syosset Hospital
"She has gone above and beyond her call of duty - taking on extra shifts and volunteering to help patients battling this virus, not to mention helping her co-workers with any type of situations out of her scope.Hats off to her and all our frontliners!"

Precious BamawoPrecious Bamawo - West Babylon
Director of Nursing for Parkview Care and Rehabilitation 
"Precious Bamawo has been the Director of Nursing for Parkview Care and Rehabilitation for the past 4 years. We thank you and the resident of the staff for keeping our residents at the facility safe."

Herb MundhenkHerb Mundhenk -North Babylon
MTA Police Officer
Officer Mundhenk is set to return to duty after his own three-week battle with COVID-19.
Saly BebawySaly Bebawy - Deer Park
Occupational Therapy Assistant 
Saly provides occupational therapy to patients with COVID-19 alongside her husband, who is a physical therapist.

StacksStacks Auto Service & Tires - North Babylon
On top of keeping their shop open as an essential service to ensure the safety of cars on our roadways, the Stacks team, led by owner Tom Cummings, started an initiative to give out $100 gift cards for local restaurants to health care professionals.

Kristen Miele Kristen Miele - North Babylon 
Nurse at Southside Hospital 
"Kristen works the over night shift in the maternity ward to take care of the newborn babies and their mommies. Thank you Kristen for your time, dedication and for caring for all the babies during this difficult time. Stay safe!"

GonzalezYaryl and Edward Gonzalez
Yaryl and Edward are siblings who have been volunteering at the Wyandanch COVID-19 testing site providing translation services for patients.
Patricia BiazzoPatricia Biazzo - Lindenhurst
RN at Syosset Hospital. 
"She has been working on the frontlines in ICU caring for COVID-19 patients. She has been there providing care & comfort when families can’t be there. A special message that she keeps reiterating is PLEASE do your part of social distancing, wash your hands frequently & DO NOT touch your face. This will help you to not become one of her patients."

Camille RandelloCamille Randello - North Babylon
RN BSN at Good Samaritan Hospital
Camille took a job at Good Samaritan Hospital, C-unit, which became the first coronavirus unit in the hospital. She became sick with the virus but was eventually able to go back to work and on her days off she would take care of her own family members who also were sick from the virus. 
Frankie and Felicia LaPeraFrankie and Felicia LaPera - West Babylon
Siblings Frankie and Felicia LaPera have both been working essential jobs during the pandemic. Frankie is an NYC subway engineer, working every day to provide transportation for all those in need. Felicia is a RN working the COVID unit at  North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset.  

Vanessa Pennington Vanessa Pennington - Lindenhurst
Vanessa graduated from Lindenhurst High school In 2019 and is now working full time at a local assisted living facility as a CNA. Vanessa is working with COVID-19 patients along with other residents in the facility. She is also going to college full time to be a RN.
Jennifer MallonJennifer Mallon - Lindenhurst
Recreational Therapist at Townhouse Center for Rehab and Nursing. 
As a recreational therapist, Jennifer enhances the quality of life for those she cares for and helps decrease the risk of social isolation due to the restrictions that are in place. As residents are unable to receive visitors and are kept in their rooms, staff helps them keep in touch with their families through video calls. 

Carolyn Royen Carolyn Royen - West Babylon
RN at Saint Joseph’s Hospital
Carolyn lives in West Babylon, grew up in Lindenhurst and has been an RN for almost 40 years. Carolyn is now working on COVID-19 patients in the ICU at Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Bethpage.
Ruth Flores PidoRuth Flores Pido - North Babylon
ER Nurse at Queens Hospital
Ruth got infected with COVID-19, which her husband and 3 children also got. "Being in a medical field it was horrible experience, emotionally and mentally draining, but now I’m back to work, scared but had to help my colleagues. For me and my family, the TRUE HEROS are my FAMILY and FRIENDS who helped us in any way to be able to overcome the  situation we were in. GOD BLESS them all."

Christopher GouedyChristopher Gouedy - North Babylon
Volunteer at North Babylon Fire Department/EMS
"Christopher is a 12-year veteran, now volunteer, for North Babylon Fire Department and EMS. He has spent many hours helping people whether it be fires, emergencies, COVID-19 patients or seniors in need of with first aid. He grew up in the Town of Babylon and wants to give back. We appreciate everything he does and he is loved and admired by his wife and children."

Heather LianHeather Lian - West Babylon
Nurse at Plainview Hospital.
"Heather works as a COVID nurse at Plainview Hospital. She is a 2013 WBHS graduate. She is truly a hero saving lives every day. Thank you Heather!"

Yolanda MaloneYolanda Malone - West Babylon
RN at Northwell Health
"As manager of the system’s acute dialysis program, she and her nurses provide dialysis treatments for patients in renal failure. Yolanda leaves home every morning at 6:30 after preparing the evening’s dinner for our family to face the daily horror and stress that this disease brings, sometimes not getting home until 9 or 10:00 PM. She is truly a hero both to her patients and to her family."

Bryan AlvaradoBryan Alvarado - Deer Park
Mechanic for Suffolk Public Transportation 
Since the pandemic started, Bryan worked for weeks straight helping the county disinfect and repair all buses so our first responders can get to work safely.

Jennifer ZanelottiJennifer Zanelotti - Lindenhurst
RN at Long Island Community Hospital
"In her role as Charge Nurse, she treats and educates patients throughout the healing process. The center has remained open throughout the pandemic and is successful due to professionals like Nurse Zanelotti."

Mary Beth Balnis Mary Beth Balnis - West Babylon
Assistant Regional Senior Supervisor for Young Adult Institute 
"I work with an amazing team of full & part time clinicians helping individuals cope with stress, transitions etc & helping to support our clients families. Together we have been able to intervene & prevent several crises as well as get emergency services to a very vulnerable population."  

Willette Henderson Willette Henderson - North Babylon
Nurse at Huntington Hospital
Willette is a graduate of North Babylon High School Class of 2001, now working for Huntington Hospital with COVID-19 patients as an essential frontline worker. She’s a mother of two. "We are so proud of her commitment and dedication of serving others."
Pedro CasanovaPedro Casanova - West Babylon
EMT for Brentwood Legion Ambulance
"Our call volume has been higher then we have ever seen it before, but together as a dept. we have been able to help our community in these difficult times.  I am very proud to be part of the Brentwood Legion Ambulance and am also in the process of becoming a volunteer fire fighter for West Babylon.  Helping people is something I love to do and find great pride in doing.  Thank you very much to all the first responders and essential workers risking there own health and safety to provide for everyone else."

Jenn CrayneJenn Crayne - Deer Park
Occupational Therapist
Jenn works as an occupational therapist at a nursing and rehabilitation center in Kings Park. She works on a Covid-19 unit comprised mostly of seniors who are the most vulnerable to this virus and unable to have visitors. In addition to working to help them gain strength and independence, Jenn tries to bring a smile and ease their loneliness.When Jenn goes home she isolates from family and friends to keep them safe.

Adam Marrone  Opens in new windowAdam Marrone - Babylon
ER Nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital
"Adam is from Babylon Village. He is a night shift ER nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital and Nurse liaison. He’s been working tirelessly with COVID-9 patients and we thank him for his care, kindness, professionalism and dedication."

Loriann Roberto Haase Opens in new windowLoriann Roberto Haase - North Babylon
Unit Clerk at Good Samaritan Hospital
"Loriann is working around the clock, and although you can’t see her smile through her mask - she for sure touches everyone’s spirits with her sincerity and love. Thank you for your service Loriann." 
Christina DecarloChristina Decarlo - North Babylon
NYU Winthrop Orthopedics
Christina is an essential worker who continued working in the office with patients, now taking temperatures upon arrival for their appointments.       
Danielle McMahonDanielle McMahon - West Babylon
Nurse at Stony Brook Hospital
"My daughter Danielle is a first year nurse at Stony Brook Hospital in their Neurological ICR unit, and if that was not tough enough on its own, experiencing the COVID pandemic as a rookie nurse is herculean.  She witnessed more death than anyone should at 22.  We are extremely proud of her and every other nurse new or old alike."

Christopher Scheuer Opens in new windowChristopher Scheuer - North Babylon
Registered Nurse - North Shore University Hospital
The Scheuer family are all healthcare providers who work under the same roof at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, part of Northwell Health. Christopher Scheuer, a resident of North Babylon and father of three daughters, all working at NSUH, is a registered nurse in Patient Logistics at NSUH and organizes the movement of COVID/non-COVID patients throughout the hospital. 

Daniel Scura Opens in new windowDaniel Scura - East Farmingdale
Resident physician at Nassau County Medical Center

Daniel has worked primarily in the ICU since the COVID-19 outbreak began on Long Island, which also forced him and his fiance, Gabrielle, to postpone their wedding that was scheduled for July. The Scura family as a whole is one of community service - Daniel’s parents, Joseph and Janet, are members of the East Farmingdale Fire Department.

Vicki Oliva Opens in new windowVicki Oliva - North Babylon
Nursing Assistant at Good Samaritan Hospital
"My unit was the first to be converted to a COVID unit. We have watched many people die and have cheered on the others to beat this terrible virus. The hospital as a whole has done an outstanding job helping those heal."

Denise Jackson Opens in new windowDenise Jackson - Farmingdale
RN at Nassau University Medical Center
"I have been an RN in the Medical ICU at Nassau University Medical Center for over 20 years. I am a full time student working towards my MSN and a mom that has devoted myself to caring for patients with COVID-19. Despite all I have seen, through all of the long hours and heartbreak, I am still standing. I have been away from my son and family throughout all of this, but caring for these patients is where I’m needed."