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Supervisor Rich Schaffer, Deputy Supervisor Tony Martinez, and the Babylon Town Board would like to thank all the businesses, nonprofits and veteran groups that have applied for assistance through the town’s Direct Support Program (DSP).  

As of Friday October 29, 2021, the window for new applications for phase one DSP funding is now CLOSED. Applications will not be accepted now that it is pass the phase one October 29, 2021 deadline.

We look forward to once again supporting small businesses, non-profits and veteran’s organizations with second round ARPA funding from the federal government. 


Supervisor Rich Schaffer, Deputy Supervisor Tony Martinez, and the Babylon Town Board allocated $6 million for the Direct Support Program (DSP) grant program to support businesses, local nonprofits, and veterans groups struggling to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The town is using a portion of the money it has received from the American Rescue Plan Local Recovery Fund in order to focus additional support to the town’s most underserved communities.

The Town of Babylon has fought hard to secure this money for the businesses and nonprofits within its boundaries and is now seeking to distribute the funds as quickly as possible, streamlining the application and approval process to cut out all unnecessary red tape. 


Application will become available again once we receive additional funding to allocate for DSP grant program

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The Direct Support Program has been diligently working to provide the Town of Babylon with the funding needed to help recover from the impact of Covid-19. These photos are just some of the many small businesses, nonprofits, and veteran groups that has received funding. We are thankful that the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) has provided local governments like ours, with funding so we may be able to help residents, like the ones in these photos. Our elected officials and the Direct Support Program Director took the time to personally deliver checks on behalf of the Town of Babylon. 

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