Examination Announcements 

An examination is announced no later than four (4) weeks prior to the application deadline date. An announcement is posted on the Town’s website under the Civil Service department, on all TOB departments’ bulletin boards, the public monitors in Town Hall and in the Civil Service department.  The announcements will include information on the below listed aspects of the exam.

  • Type and name of the Examination
  • Entry Level Salary
  • Exam Number
  • Exam Date
  • Last Filing Date
  • Information on the fee
  • Information on the location of the position
  • Duties of the position
  • Minimum Qualifications for the position
  • Information on the Subjects of the exam
  • Prohibitions for the exam

**Please review the announcements carefully and make note of the "minimum qualifications & special requirements" to ensure you qualify to take the examination before submitting an application. Applications should be legible and every section should be answered, please do not submit a resume in lieu of completing the work experience otherwise your application will not be accepted. 

**Completed applications, all supporting documentation and non-refundable/non-transferable payment must be submitted together.**


Network and Systems Specialist II # 85353010

Exam Date: 12.02.2023     |     Salary: $74,313 annually     |     Last Filing Day: 10.19.2023     |     Exam Fee: $40.00


Network and Systems Specialist II # 71201010

Exam Date: 12.02.2023     |     Salary: $74,313 annually     |     Last Filing Day: 10.19.2023     |     Exam Fee: $40.00

**Disclaimer for current employee's - Salaries may vary according to the CSEA contract Article II - Wages & Hours, Section B. Promotions, Paragraph 1

Applications can be mailed to: 

Civil Service Department

Attn: Examinations 

200 E. Sunrise Hwy 

Lindenhurst, NY 11757


Or you may drop them off between the hours of 9 am - 4pm, Monday - Friday:

Town Hall 200 E. Sunrise Hwy Lindenhurst, NY 11757


456 Albany Ave (2nd Floor) Amityville, NY 11701

  1. Judith Garrick

    Town Personnel Officer

  2. Civil Service

    Physical Address
    Municipal Building - 2nd Floor
    456 Albany Avenue
    Amityville , NY 11701


    Monday through Friday 

    9:00 am to 4:30 pm