Your Tax Bill Explained

1. Item Number: This is your account number, when calling our office, please refer to this number. 

2. Tax Map Number: District, Section, Block and Lot Number. The tax map number is the keystone to the description of all real property in Suffolk County. There are over 585,000 parcels in the county. 

3. Assessed Value: This is the dollar value of your property by the Assessor's Office. This is important for maintaining equity between and among all taxpayers in the Town of Babylon. 

4. Full Value: This is the value of your property which is determined by the Assessor's Department. 

5. Exemption Description: This section details any exemptions you have previously applied for and are receiving for the current tax year. Yearly savings based on your exemptions is also shown here. Exemptions must be applied for yearly. 

6. Tax Amount: This is the total number of taxes computed per Levy yearly.

7. First/Second: these are the dollar amounts of your two yearly tax payments. First half due by Jan. 10, 2022 and Second half by May 31, 2022.

8. Total Tax: This is your total tax due for the year. 

Tax Bill 23-24