Books About Amityville History


The Amityville Historical Society has written and supported several local history books over the years, many of which are available through their “Salt Hay Gift Shop” at the Lauder Museum (Amityville Historical Society, 170 Broadway, Amityville, NY 11701). Local history titles include:

  • Amityville (Images of America), by Amityville Historical Society, 2006
  • Amityville (Postcard History), by Karen Mormando Klein, 2012 
  • The Streets of Amityville: Wood Avenue is not named for the forest, by Kate Sweeney, 2006
  • Amityville’s 1894 School House, by William T. Lauder and Charles F. Howlett, 1994 
  • A Backward Glance, edited by Elodie Dibbins, Seth Purdy Jr. and Cecil H. Ruggles, 1980
  • The Golden Avenue, by Doug Robinson, 2018
  • My Amityville, by Doug Robinson, 2015
  • Amityville Remembered: a pictorial history, by Seth Purdy, Jr. and Elodie Dibbins, 1986
  • A Walk Through History, Amityville, by Janet Perrin and Charles F. Howlett, 1993
  • Amityville, Your Community, by Amityville Activities Council, 1973
  • A Brief History of Amityville, by William T. Lauder, 1992