Parks & Recreation Facilities

1. Village Triangle and Gazebo, downtown Amityville, intersection of Broadway and Park Avenue

  • The village green is a gathering place for parades and celebrations, and consists of a gazebo, memorial clock tower and benches.

2. Avon Lake, a landscaped area between East and West Lake Drives, formerly Ireland’s Pond

  • Avon Lake reportedly takes its name from Avon Place (to the north), which was named by William W. Skinner, one of the village’s first Trustees, who established the road and named it after his native Avon, England. 

3. Delano Nature Trail, Union Avenue, east of Broadway

  • The trail, which follows the stream, is named for Charles F. Delano, founder and publisher of the Amityville Record newspaper which started in 1904. His family donated the land in his honor.

4. Edmund W. Pearsall Park, Bayview Avenue

  • A nature park for meditation. Facilities include gazebo and seating area.
  • The park is named for Edmund W. Pearsall, the former owner of the property, which was donated by his daughter, Edna Hawhurst Pearsall.

5. James A. Caples Memorial Park, southern end of Bayview Avenue

  • Facility includes playground, lighted softball fields, boat ramp 
  • The park is named for Amityville resident and Trustee James A. Caples, a former Suffolk County Police Commissioner. 

6. Peterkin Park , Oak Street

  • Facility includes playground, pond and footpath
  • The park is named for Walter G. Peterkin, who donated the property.

7. 9/11 Memorial Park, 259 Broadway, Amityville – downtown near the train trestle

  • Commemorates Village residents lost in the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

8. Amityville Nautical Park, south side of Merrick Road at Ocean Avenue

  • Facilities of this waterside park include benches, paths and a gazebo.

9. Maxine Postal Memorial Park, south end of Unqua Place on the Great South Bay

  • The park was dedicated in memory of Suffolk County Legislator Maxine Postal (1942-2004), 15th Legislative District, to be left in its natural state.

10. Amityville Municipal Bathing Beach, southern end of Bayview Avenue

  • Facilities include concession stand, bay-side beach, fishing pier, playground and volleyball courts.
  • Peter Papas Pavilion at Amityville Beach (bathroom and kitchen facilities available).
  • Dog Park at Amityville Beach.


A postcard view of the Amityville Municipal Bathing Beach, circa 1940s.