Deer Park School District

Most of our school district boundaries were established in the mid-1800s. The landscape of our communities changed – from farms and fields to streets and homes – but school district boundaries largely stayed the same, which the exception of the 1923 Deer Park – Wyandanch district division. 

Up until 1923, the current Deer Park and Wyandanch School Districts were one school district known as Town of Babylon School District No. 7. Prior to the 1872 creation of the Town of Babylon, the school district was known as Town of Huntington School District No. 24. The first schoolhouse was built in the mid-1800s, and was most likely a one-room design. Maps indicate that the school was located on the grounds of the present school district administrative offices. 

On November 26, 1892, the South Side Signal announced that school trustees, with the support of residents, passed a resolution to build a new schoolhouse near the site of the first school. Plans for the new school included “a building 27’x30’, for a school room, with a front extension 8’x24’, for lobby and cloakrooms, surmounted by a belfry; and a rear extension 12’x24’, containing a class room and teacher’s room.” The school opened the following spring. In 1912, a second schoolhouse for the old school district was opened on Straight Path, in Wyandanch. 


Deer Park’s second schoolhouse, opened in 1893 on the east side of Deer Park Avenue, just north of Lake Avenue. 

When a new school was constructed in 1930 (part of the present administration buildings), the old schoolhouse was moved down Deer Park Avenue for use by SS. Cyril and Methodious Catholic Church.

A few years after the district division, a new brick school was built. Again, it was located on the east-side Deer Park Avenue site as the two previous schools. Designed by Amityville architect Lewis Inglee, the Deer Park School opened with three classrooms, an auditorium and a principal’s office. The building was subsequently expanded and is presently the School District Administration Building. 


Postcard views illustrating the growth of the Deer Park School. At left, the school as it appeared around 1930 with the prominent, front auditorium entrance and classroom extension to the south. At the right, the northern expansion of the school is pictured, circa 1950.

The 1950s population boom brought many changes to Deer Park, particularly the need for more school facilities. Prior to the establishment of a dedicated high school for the Deer Park School District, students typically attended Babylon High School. 

School District Mascot – Falcons 

School District Colors – Maroon, Gray and White 

  • May Moore Elementary School – opened 1957
    1. The school was named for beloved elementary school teacher, and later principal, May Moore. The school was named around the time of her retirement.
  • Memorial School – opened 1957; closed around 1987
    1. The school was named to honor six local men who died in service during World War II – Joseph and Milton Bolik, John Cameron, Joseph Keller, Jason Miller Jr., and Jack Wichtens.
  • John F. Kennedy Intermediate School (formerly known as Deer Park Avenue Junior High School) – opened 1958
    1. The Deer Park Avenue Junior High School started in the old Deer Park School (now the administration offices) in 1958. In 1963, additions to the school were completed, which reflect the Lake Avenue school, today. 
    2. The school was named for the late President John F. Kennedy in 1964.