Town of Babylon Parks and Recreational Facilities

Geiger Lake Memorial Park, Spray Park and Botanical Gardens, Grand Boulevard


Geiger Memorial Park, September 1958.

Geiger Park concession stand at Geiger Lake, 1950s. Melvin and Kitty Cronogue operated the concession from the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s.

William Geiger was a real estate developer, across Long Island, in the early 1900s, and created suburban home developments in the present communities of Deer Park, Wyandanch and Wheatley Heights. Before his death in 1934, William Geiger set aside 23-acres of his real estate holding, with a lake, for the Town of Babylon and its residents. 

Spanning the boundaries of Deer Park and Wyandanch, the lake has been known by many names, depending on who owned the property – Deer Park Lake (1892), Colonial Springs Lake (1917), and Wyandanch Lake (1950). The Town of Babylon formally dedicated Geiger Memorial Park in 1957, and the lake is known as Geiger Lake.

Geiger Lake is part of the Carll River, which was formed from underground streams to the north. The river flows south from Geiger Lake, through Belmont Lake (North Babylon), Southard’s Pond and Argyle Lake (Babylon), and to the Great South Bay. 


Wyandanch Park, Mount Avenue 

  • Park facility with football and Jr. Baseball fields, basketball, handball and tennis courts. This facility also has a picnic area, playground, restrooms and free Wi-Fi access. Link -