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On June 6, 1870, Thomas Welwood and Charles S. Schlier founded the City of Breslau, named for the town where Schlier was born, Breslau, Germany.(Wellwood Avenue is incorrectly spelled because of a clerk's error in the 1870's.) In addition to residential real estate, Welwood and Schlier encouraged the growth of local manufacturing, especially sewing notions.

The village name was changed to Lindenhurst in 1890 in an effort to quell some of the negative publicity caused by a bitter legal dispute between Welwood and Schlier. The name Lindenhurst was derived by the fact that many German settlers planted Linden seeds, which lined the streets of the bucolic community.

In the 1920's, members of the New York Yankees, including Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, played exhibition games in Lindenhurst. In 1923, Lindenhurst became the third and final incorporated village in Babylon Town.

Historical Summary:

On June 6, 1870, Abby and Thomas Welwood, in partnership with Charles S. Schleier, founded the city of Breslau, named for Schleier’s Prussian hometown. The development succeeded in attracting many NYC residents to the flourishing community and in encouraging local business, including factories, breweries and hotels. 

The Welwood Home, named “Welwood Lane,” which stood on the north side of Montauk Highway, between 4th and 5th streets.

The name Lindenhurst was adopted in 1891 in an effort to quell some of the negative publicity caused by a bitter legal dispute between the Welwoods and Schleier. The name was inspired by the abundance of local linden trees. Named for the founding family, Wellwood Avenue is differently spelled due to clerk’s error in the 1870s. 

The first railroad depot was built in 1867, at Wellwood and Hoffman Avenues. After the railroad tracks were elevated in the early 1970s, the depot built in 1901 was moved to Irmisch Historical Park and is used as a museum maintained by the Lindenhurst Historical Society. 

The Lindenhurst depot built in 1901, alongside the railroad tracks. The old depot was later moved to Irmisch Triangle, on Broadway, where it is a museum operated by the Lindenhurst Historical Society.

In the fall of 1930, Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig headed a professional team in an exhibition game against the Lindenhurst Nine at the Meridale Baseball Park. The all-stars beat the local team, 10-4. Babe Ruth was a frequent visitor to Lindenhurst where he enjoyed fishing and boating. 

In 1923, Lindenhurst became the third incorporated village in Babylon Town. 

The World War I gatling gun on Wellwood Avenue at Montauk Highway was received from the War Department in 1821. Although it is repainted from time, the name “Lindenhurst” has been emblazoned on the piece since its Memorial Day 1922.



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