Lindenhurst Memorial Library

The Lindenhurst Memorial Library district encompasses the Village of Lindenhurst and the hamlet of North Lindenhurst. 

In most communities, the creation of a public library does not happen overnight. In the early 1940s, community groups including the Lindenhurst Lions Club supported the movement for a local library. In 1945, Mayor John C. Blankenhorn reportedly suggested that the community establish a library as a tribute to the men and women of Lindenhurst who had served in World War II, thus the name Lindenhurst Memorial Library. 

The first library building opened in 1953 and was part of the Village Municipal Building complex on Wellwood Avenue, between Herbert and Irving Avenues. Just one block north of the first library, the present library building opened in 1969. 

Dedication of the first library site, December 7, 1947. (l-r) Milton Turk, Alfred Pfeiffer, Fred Wrieth, Oscar Murow, Robert Little, Lorena Freveret, Tessie Pfeiffer, Carlos Koetzner, and Bill Wolrwe. (Courtesy of the Lindenhurst Historical Society.)

On July 1, 1953, the first book was borrowed from the new Lindenhurst Memorial Library, by 14-year-old Kenneth Koetzner. (Lindenhurst Star, July 2, 1953.)

Library circulation desk, early 1970s. (Courtesy of the Lindenhurst Historical Society.)

Lindenhurst Memorial Library, 1 Lee Avenue, Lindenhurst, NY 11757 – (631) 957-7755 –