Lindenhurst Fire Department

The Breslau Feuer Wehr was organized on November 29, 1877. (In German, a “feuerwehr” is a fire department; feuer = fire, wehr = defend.) 

In 1882, the Feuer Wehr reorganized as Breslau Engine Company No. 1. In 1885, the Breslau Engine Company joined with Liberty Hose Company No. 1 and Union Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, to form the Breslau Fire Department. In 1891, the Breslau community changed its name to Lindenhurst. However, the fire department did not adopt the name Lindenhurst until 1909. 

The Lindenhurst Fire Department details some of its early history here: 

The members of Union Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1 pictured with their horse-drawn ladder truck, in front of their West John Street firehouse, 1887. (Courtesy of Old Village Hall Museum, Lindenhurst.)

The headquarters of the Lindenhurst Fire Department, built on Wellwood Avenue in 1923, pictured with its members and fleet, 1927. The firehouse was rebuilt in 20__. 

Lindenhurst Fire Department, 225 S. Wellwood Avenue, Lindenhurst, NY 11702 – (631) 957-7530 (non-emergency) –