North Amityville Public Schools - Amityville and Copiague School Districts

The hamlet of North Amityville is split between two school districts. The western area of the hamlet of North Amityville is in the Amityville district and the eastern area is in the Copiague district. 

Most of our school district boundaries were established in the mid-1800s. The landscape of our communities changed – from farms and fields to streets and homes – but school district boundaries largely stayed the same, with a few exceptions. 


This 1873 map shows the present communities of Amityville Village and the hamlets of Copiague and North Amityville. The colors denote the school district boundaries at that time. Amityville in green and Copiague (formerly East Amityville) in pink. Today, both school districts extend north to the Southern State Parkway, which is similar to the boundaries shown from the 1800s. From Atlas of Long Island, NY published by Beers, Comstock & Cline, 1873.


Amityville School District 

Prior to 1872, it was known as Town of Huntington School District No. 23. After the Town of Babylon separated from Huntington in 1872, it became known as Town of Babylon School District No. 6, before the name Amityville Union Free School District was adopted in the early 1900s.