North Lindenhurst Community Profile

North-Lindenhurst---Postcar.gifHistorical Summary:  

Prior to World War II, North Lindenhurst was mostly undeveloped. The lands north of the railroad tracks, were mostly uninhabited until the mid-1930s when the "Hundred Homes" housing development began. The development had a slow start, but after World War II the Lindenhurst community, and the Town of Babylon, witnessed an unprecedented growth, as returning GIs sought to move their families to the area.

The "Hundred Homes" developer donated land and a building to the new community for a civic association, where, in 1957, twelve men met to form a new volunteer fire company to provide greater protection for this rapidly growing community. In 2004, the North Lindenhurst Fire Department purchased the property and extended their firehouse on Straight Path.

The post-War population boom throughout Long Island and the Town of Babylon also necessitated a new Babylon Town Hall, which was opened in North Lindenhurst in 1958. The location of the new Town Hall was deemed more centrally situated for all residents.


Advertisement for North Lindenhurst Homes, published in the Daily News, June 6, 1936.

In 1957, a group of twelve residents met at the civic association to form a new volunteer fire company for the rapidly growing community, and the following year the headquarters for the North Lindenhurst Volunteer Fire Department were constructed on Straight Path.