Monuments and Memorials


Veterans Memorial at Babylon Town Hall Park, Sunrise Highway, North Lindenhurst.  

Monument Description


Veterans Monument honoring all veterans from WWI through Vietnam, located at Babylon Town Hall, 200 E. Sunrise Highway.  

Dedicated by the People of the Town of Babylon To All Who Served and Sacrificed 

World War I – World War II – Korea – Vietnam

P.O.W. - M.I.A. – You Are Not Forgotten

U.S. Army, June 14, 1775

U.S. Navy, October 13, 1775

U.S. Marine Corps, November 10, 1775

U.S. Coast Guard, August 4, 1790

U.S. Air Force, September 18, 1947

Veterans memorial to all who served their country, located at the Veterans of Foreign War Wade-Burns Post #7279, 560 N. Delaware Avenue.  The post also has a mounted artillery gun.

Dedicated to the Men and Women Who Have Served Their Country

Forever Shall They Be Called Comrades

Erected May 31, 1976