Half Hollow Hills Central School District


This 1873 shows the red division line between the towns of Babylon and Huntington. The Half Hollow Hills School District appears on both sides of the line, in green. 

Atlas of Long Island, NY published by Beers, Comstock & Cline, 1873.

Wheatley Heights is part of the Half Hollow Hills School District. Contrary to local myth, the community of Wheatley Heights has never been part of the Wyandanch School District. The two communities share a zip-code, 11798, however, the area now known as Wheatley Heights has been part of the Half Hollow Hills School District since the mid-1800s. When the Town of Babylon separated from the Town of Huntington, in 1872, the town dividing line ran through an existing school district, creating a sometimes confusing situation where Town of Babylon residents (Wheatley Heights) were in a school district based in the Town of Huntington (Half Hollow Hills).

Most of our school district boundaries were established in the mid-1800s. The landscape of our communities changed – from farms and fields to streets and homes – but school district boundaries have largely stayed the same, despite other jurisdictional boundaries, like the division and creation of towns.  

Presently, the School District has five elementary schools, two middle school and two high schools. Former district schools included: Sweet Hollow School (closed 1970s); Taukomas, The Hills and Manasquan Schools (closed 1980s); Burr’s Lane Junior High School (closed 1990s); and Chestnut Hill and Forest Park School (closed 2014).

School District Mascot – the Colt  

School District Colors – Red and Gold  

  1. Otsego Elementary School – opened 1967
  2. Paumanok Elementary School – opened 1968
  3. Signal Hill Elementary School – opened 1968
  4. Sunquam Elementary School – opened 1952
  5. Vanderbilt Elementary School – opened 1966
  6. Candlewood Middle School – opened 1965
  7. West Hollow Middle School – opened 1970
  8. Half Hollow Hills East High School (formerly, Half Hollow Hills High School)
  9. Half Hollow Hills West High School  – opened 1975

Half Hollow Hills Central School District, 525 Half Hollow Road, Dix Hills, NY 11746 – (631) 592-3000 – www.hhh.k12.ny.us