Important Dates

Assessor's Office Important Dates (PDF)

March 1st - Taxable Status Date

Exemption Filing Deadline - All exemption applications must be filed on or before this date. The date property condition and ownership are considered each year. 

May 1st - Tentative Assessment Roll is Filed 

The assessed value for all property in the Town is tentatively established. Exemptions are calculated and entered on the assessment roll. The taxes for a property granted an exemption will be reduced for the next tax bill (December 1 of the same year) 

May 1st - Grievance Period Begins 

The period during which a property owner may file for an administrative review of their assessment. 

Third Tuesday in May is Grievance Day

This is the last day to file a formal complaint to the Board of Assessment Review protesting the assessment or an exemption shown on the tentative assessment roll. 

July 1st - Final Assessment Roll is Filed

The assessed value for all properties in the Town is finalized.