Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection services in the Town of Babylon are provided by EnCon Industries Corp. Collection services include: General Collection, Recycling and Yard Waste. If you are unsure of which collection days your address falls under for General Collection, please call EnCon at (631) 491-3200. Recycling days and Yard Waste Collection Zones can be found in the Recycling Calendar (PDF). 

General Collection: 

Residential garbage collection occurs twice a week in the Town of Babylon on either Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays depending on where you live. If you are unsure of which collection days you fall under, please call EnCon at (631) 491-3200 and provide them with your address. 

Recycling Collection: 

Recycling Collection pick-up occurs within the Town of Babylon on Wednesdays and alternates each week between bottles and cans, and papers and cardboards. During holiday weeks, Recycling will be picked up on your regular garbage day (Thursdays or Friday). Refer to the Recycling Calendar each week for the cans or newspaper symbol, which indicates what type of collection will occur each week. 

Yard Waste Collection: 

Yard waste is collected Monday - Friday (12 months of the year) in the Town of Babylon, and is collected separately from general and recyclables. Residents can determine their yard waste pickup day by looking at the Yard Waste Zone (YWZ) map in the Recycling Calendar or on the Yard Waste Collection webpage.