Bay Constables

Bay Constables

Responsibilities of the Bay Constables

Under the direction of the harbor master, the bay constables patrol the Great South Bay, as well as the Town of Babylon's beaches and facilities. They enforce all town codes and NYS and Federal Navigation Law, as well as NYS Environmental Conservation Law. They are NYS peace officers, and have the power to issue summonses and make arrests.


We generally maintain buoys in our waters from May 15 to October 15. Logistics and weather conditions affect deployment. In addition, we light many of our buoys to help boaters navigate the waters.


No license is required for crabbing. Crabs must be at least 4.5 inches across the shell point to point and you may not possess egg bearing crabs.

Refer to NYS DEC regulations


You must possess a Town Of Babylon clamming license. Clams must be one inch across the back of the shell at the hinge. There is a 100 clam limit and you must not harvest clams from restricted waters.

Refer to NYS DEC regulations

Life Jackets: 

Everyone under the age of 12 years old must wear an approved life jacket aboard a vessel under 65 feet in length unless in a fully enclosed cabin.

Everyone aboard a pleasure vessel less than 21 feet in length between November 1st and May 1st must wear an approved life jacket.

Saltwater Fishing License:

Everyone must possess a NYS fishing license to fish in our waters. The license is free and available from NYS DEC.

No Wake Zones:

You are responsible for your wake, whether on a boat of a jet ski. Canals, open marinas and Anchorages such as Hemlock Cove and Coast Guard Cove are no wake zones. Also, a wake is not permitted when within 100 feet of the shore, a dock or bulk head or an anchored boat.

Be courteous to other boaters. Think about the wake you leave behind. You are responsible for any damage caused by your wake.

Abandoned Vessels or Other Debris: 

Let’s keep the Great South Bay great. Be on the lookout for people towing wrecked boats, floating docks, barges or anything that might be being dumped or left behind and report it to TOB public safety by calling (631) 422-7600.