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About the IDA

The Babylon Industrial Development Agency (IDA) serves as the Town of Babylon’s central vehicle for economic development. This site is intended for companies within the Town of Babylon, as well as other companies seeking information on financing, expansion, relocation, and job creation / job retention programs.


  • Create jobs for the residents of the Town of Babylon
  • Fast track the approval process for companies looking to expand or relocate in the Town of Babylon
  • Help businesses grow and prosper in the Town of Babylon
  • Keep the Town of Babylon’s economy strong

Babylon is known as the heart of it all because of its central location on Long Island’s south shore, between New York City and the Hamptons. In fact, with over 205,000 residents, one university, an airport, and a highly educated and skilled labor force, Babylon has become the economic heartbeat of Long Island.


At the Babylon IDA, we work at the intersection between local business and local government. By offering tax savings incentives and fast track permit processing for prospective and existing enterprises, we stimulate sustainable economic development and revitalization within the Town of Babylon. This growth promotes job creation, additional economic activity for local businesses, Town beautification, rising property values, and a higher quality of life within the Town – which serves all residents and businesses.