What is a Basic STAR Tax Exemption?

Basic STAR tax exemptions are school tax exemptions only and are for all residents (regardless of age) who own and primarily reside in the subject premises. 

Beginning in 2011, any resident owner and/or spouse of an owner residing in the premises earning more than $250,000 in adjusted gross income (AGI) will no longer be eligible for the Basic Star exemption. Income eligibility will be automatically verified each year by the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance (DTF) through income tax returns on file. 

 If, for any reason, NYS DTF is unable to determine income eligibility, the applicant will be notified by the Department of Assessment and will be required to prove eligibility. 

 Basic STAR is available to owners of one, two and three family homes provided that it is the primary residence of at least one of the owners

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