What is an Accessory Apartment Permit?

An Accessory Apartment is defined by the Town of Babylon as an additional self-contained dwelling unit which is incorporated within a one family dwelling and contains a second kitchen. You must obtain an Accessory Apartment Permit from the Accessory Apartment Review Board to legally use these spaces as living area. All Accessory Apartment Permits are temporary exemptions from the Town of Babylon zoning laws regarding rentable portions of your primary residence. These permits must be renewed upon expiration. Three months prior to the expiration date, you must reapply for the permit. An Accessory Apartment Permit Application must be completed and an appointment scheduled to have your documents reviewed. To schedule an appointment or if you require additional information about the process, please call (631) 957-7468. To qualify for this permit the dwelling must:

  • Be owner-occupied and the primary residence of the owner
  • Provide sufficient off street parking for four cars
  • Meet fire and structural requirements

The following applications are also available online:

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1. What is an Accessory Apartment Permit?
2. What are the Accessory Apartment Permit requirements?
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