How do I dispute a property violation?
To dispute a Notice of Violation, property owners must contact the Office of Waste Management at (631) 422-7670 or write to the Sanitation Commission at 281 Phelps Lane, Room 19, North Babylon, NY 11703. The Sanitation Commission meets on the first Thursday of each month in the Town Board Room located in Town Hall.

All disputes must be received within 60 days of the date of the initial bill. If a request for a hearing is not accomplished in this timeframe, the property owner loses the right to appeal or dispute a violation. The dispute is then scheduled for the next available Sanitation Commission meeting; attendance is mandatory. Hearing adjournments are rarely granted, unless a hardship is demonstrated. The purpose of presenting a dispute at the Sanitation Commission hearing is for the property owner to present their case and the reasons why the bill is in error. A decision will be rendered within 10 days and the owner notified by mail. Property owners have a one-time option of appealing a decision.

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