What are the options to repair roads?
There are three options that the Town utilizes to make the most cost-effective and longest lasting solution depending on the specific situation. The three options include micropaving, overlaying or complete road reconstruction:
  • Micropaving - an application of a thin layer of asphalt, designed to seal and extend the life span of the roadway; takes 1 day.

  • Overlay - the application of a thick layer of asphalt designed to increase the load carrying ability of the pavement; work staged over a course of weeks.

  • Reconstruction - a complete rebuilding of the entire pavement structure; work staged over a course of months.

Highway Engineers determine which treatment to apply based on a survey of the condition of the pavement. The Town tries to micropave a roadway before overlay is necessary and tries to overlay before reconstruction is necessary. This is done to save taxpayer money. Reconstruction is approximately 30 times more expensive than micro-paving. With more than 535 miles of Town roads to maintain, it is critical to apply the right treatment at the right time, to each roadway, in order to keep taxes as low as possible.

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