What is the process to reconstruct a road?
Your road may have been selected for repaving. If so, it is probably because of the overall condition of the road as well as the need to improve the drainage system. Please be aware that the entire reconstruction process may take approximately two months, weather permitting, to complete. The reconstruction process is extensive and involves many separate steps.

The first step is to remove any obstacles to reconstruction including sidewalks, curbing, driveway aprons, telephone poles, and, in some cases, trees. During the reconstruction process, we may, unfortunately, be forced to remove some healthy trees. The Town of Babylon is very dedicated to the preservation of trees and will only remove a tree as a last resort. Trees will be removed for the following reasons:

  1. Roots are uplifting the road

  2. Roots are interfering with a drainage basin

  3. The tree is in the boundaries of the proposed road expansion (Federal and State guidelines dictate how wide a street must be)

  4. The condition of the tree jeopardizes public safety (roots that are cut or damaged compromise the integrity of the tree which could in turn become a public safety issue)

  5. The tree is diseased or dead

Following this, the road itself is pulverized and recycled on site. The existing road is regraded and used as the sub-base for the new road. After regrading occurs, the road cannot be paved until the moisture levels drop below 2%. This usually takes 3 or 4 days.

The next step is to pave the road. The final step in the reconstruction process is the restoration work. This is another time-consuming phase as sidewalks, curbs and other items removed must be restored.

Although it is a long process, you will have access to your road throughout the entire reconstruction process, with limited exceptions. The end result of this work will be a brand new road for you and your neighbors.

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