Can a private road become a Town road?
Landowners may submit a request into the Highway Division to make a private road into a public Town road. Private roads must meet dedicated road standards in order to become Town roads.

The Highway Division would confer with the Town Board if such a road would benefit a majority of Town residents. The Town Board, on its own motion, may adopt a resolution to accept such a road. It is also up to the Board to NOT have the expense of making such a public Town road be borne by ALL residents of the Town, but only by the property owners adjoining the proposed new Town road. In that case, the Town Board would respectfully decline the proposal.

By law, owners of real estate fronting on a private road may petition the Town Board to make necessary improvements to qualify the road to be accepted as town highway. If after a public hearing the Town Board agrees, then all costs for the improvement must be borne by the property owners on the basis of the benefit to their property.

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