How many beaches does the Town have?

The Town has three ocean beaches: Overlook (open only to Town residents with recreation permits), Cedar and Gilgo, and two bay beaches: Venetian Shores and Tanner Park. The two bay beaches have spray parks and boat launching ramps. The Cedar Beach golf course is also located at Cedar Beach and Overlook Beach. The Gilgo Beach Marina is located at Gilgo. Cedar Beach also boasts the Cedar Beach Marina which is accessible by boat and connected to Cedar Beach via a walkway. Camping (41 campsites) is accommodated at the marina for Town residents with full camping facilities available. Camping requires a camping permit which can be purchased at the Parks and Recreation office located at 151 Phelps Lane in North Babylon. For more information call 631-893-2100.

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1. How many beaches does the Town have?
2. How do I obtain a beach permit?
3. How much are Town resident beach permits?
4. What facilities can I gain entrance to with a resident beach permit?
5. Where can I purchase a beach permit?
6. Can I still go to the Town of Babylon beaches if I am not a resident?
7. Are animals permitted at the beaches?
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