What does the Town's Fire Marshal's Office do?

The Town of Babylon's Fire Marshal's Office protects life and property from fire and explosion and manmade and natural hazards through the efforts of investigation of fire and explosion incidents, quality fire protection inspection services, enforcement of the State Fire Prevention laws, data collection and analysis, and public safety education. The Fire Marshal's Office works with 11 fire departments and one ambulance corp, encompassing the 58 square miles of the Town of Babylon. The Fire Marshal's Office is responsible for:

  • The enforcement of the NYS Fire and Building Codes, the Town Code, and the NFPA Code, as well as issuing violation and criminal appearance tickets for noncompliance with those codes
  • Restricting occupancy of a building or use of equipment due to violation of the law and adverse health and safety conditions
  • Investigation involving hazardous materials, homeland security incidents, inspections, plan reviews and education

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1. What does the Town's Fire Marshal's Office do?
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