How do I apply to be a landlord in the Section 8 housing program?
For those interested in becoming landlords in the Town's Section 8 housing program, please contact the Housing Assistance Agency by calling (631) 893-1025.

All Section 8 properties are required to hold a Town of Babylon Rental Permit. Rental Permit applications can be obtained through the Department of Planning and Development's Rental Division.

To apply for a Rental Permit, you must fill out a Rental Permit Application and file it with the Rental Division.

The following items will be required when you submit your application:

  • Deed or duplicate Certificate of Title
  • Detailed floor plans drawn at 1/4" = 1' scale

  • Survey

  • Certificate of Occupancy

  • Identification

  • Tax bill

  • Building Permit application (if you intend to make changes to the dwelling or building)

  • Fee ($200 for first unit and $50.00 for each additional unit)

The permit requirements for rental units include:

  • Smoke detectors must be placed in each bedroom, each hallway leading to a bedroom and at least one on each level of the house

  • Hardwired carbon dioxide detectors must be on each level of the building

  • Railings for all outside stoops in excess of 18" high

  • Handrails for stairwells

  • Fire-rated sheet rock for boiler areas

  • Improved driveways

  • No unregistered motor vehicles are allowed on the property

  • Property must be in good and well maintained condition

  • Storm windows

  • No basement bedrooms

  • Electric outlets cannot be exposed

  • Tiles and grouting in bathrooms must be in good condition

  • All units must have proper heat and hot water

  • All Building Permits and Certificates of Occupancy must be in place and up to date

  • House or building address number must be visible

For more detailed information on these requirements, please call the Rental Division at (631) 957- 4434.

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