Who pays for the energy efficient home improvements?

The objective of Long Island Green Homes is to reduce your homes energy usage, thereby reducing your utility bills. Therefore, an energy assessment will be performed by a town licensed, BPI certified, Energy Auditor. The cost of the energy assessment is $250, which will be paid directly to your auditor. There is no longer a $250 assessment fee. Free or low-cost energy audits through NYSERDA’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program are available to residential customers. Following the Home Performance Evaluation, you will be given a detailed explanation of how your home uses energy, where the most energy is being wasted or lost, and specific improvements that could increase energy efficiency. The report also calculates a fixed cost for each recommended improvement along with the projected dollar amount you will see in energy savings on an annual basis, from that specific improvement. The Long Island Green Homes Program pays the contractor the entire cost of the energy-efficiency improvements. Under a separate contract with the homeowner, the Town sets up a monthly payment plan that has the homeowner pay for the improvements over time only from a projected utility bill cost savings. For example, if our expert Home Performance Evaluation auditors project that you will save $1,000 per year in utility bills, The Town will establish an annual payment schedule (benefit assessment payment) based on your projected annual savings. Therefore your payment would be less than a $100 a month.

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