How do I apply for the Long Island Green Homes Program?
Homeowners are required to complete a Self-Check Home Inventory Form prior to scheduling a Home Performance Evaluation. This form asks general questions about the home, its energy usage and homeowner energy habits. Homeowners will also need to provide two years worth of utility usage. You can complete and submit the Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Upgrade Assessment & Intake Form online at Long Island Green Homes website.

Once we have processed the data from your Self-Check Home Inventory Form, a Town of Babylon Licensed Green Homes Contractor will perform a Home Performance Evaluation on your house. The contractor will provide a detailed report that will recommend certain energy efficient home improvements and estimate the savings that will result. You make the decision to hire the contractor to perform the energy-efficient home improvements. What energy-efficient home improvements are offered through the program? Improvements include efficient lighting, weather-stripping, caulking, air and duct sealing, insulation and upgrading of heating units, etc. We will advise participants which appliances, cooling units, and other eligible measures offer the best return and what LIPA rebates and incentives apply. Please call our office at (631) 422-4411 if you have any further questions or concerns.

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1. What is the Long Island Green Homes Program?
2. How can I contact the Long Island Green Homes program?
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5. What is “retrofitting”?
6. Who pays for the energy efficient home improvements?
7. Does the Town loan money to homeowners to make these improvements?
8. How do I apply for the Long Island Green Homes Program?
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10. What if I have been living in my home for less than 2 years?
11. What energy improvements are offered through the program?
12. Are there any guidelines for the work that I can have done?
13. How does the Long Island Green Homes Program benefit our environment?
14. Who performs the work?
15. Who pays for the improvements?
16. Can I still get rebates or credits if I sign up?
17. Will my house be assessed at a higher rate or will my taxes increase as a result of these "green" improvements?
18. Will Town employees be inspecting or making these improvements to my home?
19. What if I sell my home soon after making improvements to it?