What is the Traffic Safety Division?
The Division of Traffic Safety provides:
  • Expert traffic studies

  • Implementation and maintenance of traffic signals

  • Development of other traffic control devices

  • Pavement markings

  • Data collection and analysis

  • Spot speed radar studies

  • Vehicle turning movements analyses

  • Volume counts

  • Stop signs and traffic safety devices

  • Reviews and updates the Babylon Unified Code of Traffic Ordinances

  • Requests for stop signs and other traffic safety devices for traffic control are processed through this division

  • The process of studying, analyzing, approving, and implementing these requests is managed and overseen by the Traffic Safety Committee

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1. What is the Traffic Safety Division?
2. What is the Traffic Safety Committee?
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4. How do I request a sign?
5. How do I submit a complaint about areas that are susceptible to speeding?
6. How do I report a damaged or missing traffic sign?
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