How does the GIS Sex Offender Tracker work?
Members of the Quality of Life Taskforce compiled a comprehensive list of all schools, parks, day care centers (inclusive of home based businesses) and nursery schools and plotted this information on the GIS Sex Offender Map.

In addition, all level 2 and level 3 sex offenders (those being the most serious offenders) living in the Town of Babylon were identified using the NYS Sex Offender Registry. The addresses were inputted into the system and those individuals who were living in violation of the County residency restriction law were immediately identified.

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1. What is the Residency Restriction Law for Sex Offenders?
2. How are Sex Offenders tracked by the Town of Babylon?
3. How does the GIS Sex Offender Tracker work?
4. How are Sex Offenders monitored?
5. What happens if a sex offender is living in a restricted area as dictated by County law?
6. What does it mean to be "grandfathered" from the County Sex Offender Law?
7. Does the Town monitor sex offenders living in non-restricted areas?
8. Does the Town monitor Level 1 sex offenders?
9. What additional steps does the Town take to protect the community from resident sex offenders?
10. How accurate is the NYS sex offender registry?
11. What does the Town recommend be done to strengthen the sex offender protections?
12. What is Megan's Law?