How are Sex Offenders monitored?
A Quality of Life Task Force (QOLT) member monitors the registry for Levels 2 and 3 (the two higher levels; level one is the least serious) sex offenders on a daily basis, checking for individuals who have been added or deleted from the list.

If there are new offenders, a QOLT member makes an entry into a log book and then checks Town records for any possible violations. The information about the sex offender is also immediately forwarded to the Town’s GIS operator to determine if there is a violation of the County’s residency restriction law. The Director of QOLT assigns the case to an inspector.

In addition, the Town sends a monthly report and GIS Map, indicating the location of each offender, to every school district located within the Town of Babylon notifying them of the findings and assisting them with their district’s alert to the parents of school age children. Further, the Town will notify each school district of the arrival of a new offender, daily.

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