What does the Town recommend be done to strengthen the sex offender protections?
Specific recommendations from the Quality of Life Task Force include:
  • A statewide analysis should be commissioned to examine the effectiveness of residency restriction laws in protecting children and in preventing or reducing the incidence of sex crimes. The study should also consider whether such laws have produced any unintended consequences such as forcing sex offenders underground.

  • The process of community notification should be strengthened. Community notification should be standardized across the state and a requirement for direct notification to residents by local law enforcement should be made mandatory.

  • The process of verification should be strengthened. Verification teams should be established and/or strengthened within local law enforcement agencies throughout the state to confirm on a regular basis, that sex offenders are living at the location indicated on the registry.

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1. What is the Residency Restriction Law for Sex Offenders?
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11. What does the Town recommend be done to strengthen the sex offender protections?
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