What is “retrofitting”?
Retrofitting refers to the addition of new technology or features (such as insulation, more efficient boilers) to older systems (or your home). By improving your homes energy usage, Long Island Green Homes aims to prevent unnecessary air leakage and wasted energy escaping from your home.

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1. What is the Long Island Green Homes Program?
2. How can I contact the Long Island Green Homes program?
3. Why is the Long Island Green Homes program necessary?
4. How do I save money with the Long Island Green Homes Program?
5. What is “retrofitting”?
6. Who pays for the energy efficient home improvements?
7. Does the Town loan money to homeowners to make these improvements?
8. How do I apply for the Long Island Green Homes Program?
9. What if I rent my home?
10. What if I have been living in my home for less than 2 years?
11. What energy improvements are offered through the program?
12. Are there any guidelines for the work that I can have done?
13. How does the Long Island Green Homes Program benefit our environment?
14. Who performs the work?
15. Who pays for the improvements?
16. Can I still get rebates or credits if I sign up?
17. Will my house be assessed at a higher rate or will my taxes increase as a result of these "green" improvements?
18. Will Town employees be inspecting or making these improvements to my home?
19. What if I sell my home soon after making improvements to it?