What are the Town’s regulations regarding bamboo?
The planting or growing of bamboo is prohibited within the Town of Babylon unless the plant is contained within an above ground-level planter or barrier that prevents the growth of the plant’s root system beyond the container. Contained bamboo plants must be trimmed and maintained so that no part of the plant reaches closer than ten feet to any property line.

Homeowners whose property had pre-existing bamboo prior to passage of the law in July 2013 must take steps to ensure that the plant does not encroach upon any neighboring properties, including all public property and rights-of-way held by the Town.

Any property owner who does not comply with the Town’s regulations regarding bamboo may be punished by a fine of no less than $100 and no more than $500 for each violation. For every day that a property owner is in violation of this law, it will be counted as a separate violation and be charged as such.

For more information, please read Chapter 145 of the Town Code.

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1. What are the Town’s regulations regarding bamboo?
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