How do I obtain a Public Record under (FOIL) Freedom of Information Law?

Instructions for Application for Public Access to Records

Please fill in the entire application. Applications missing information will not be processed. If processing the application online please fill in your name in the signature line. This is to ensure you have read and filled in the entire application. Please email the completed application (FOIL application) to 

Applications may also be received in the Town Clerk’s Office, 200 E Sunrise Hwy, Lindenhurst NY 11757 or sent via fax to (631)957-7490.

Notes to Applicant: · Be advised there is a statutory fee due, ($.25 per page not in excess of 9x14) for copies. For anything else, including digital formats, cost of reproduction will be charged. Deposits may be required for voluminous requests. Copy fees are to be paid for any pages required to be redacted prior to viewing a file. FOIL requests will not be processed for any person or company who fails to pay any outstanding FOIL fees due to prior FOIL request. Copies will be prepared unless specifically requested otherwise. · The Public Officers Law requires that a municipality acknowledge receipt of a FOIL request within (5) Business days. · The Public Officers Law also states that a municipality has up to 20 business days for processing your request. If more than twenty, (20) business days are required you will be so notified. · You have the right to appeal a denial of this application in writing to the Town Attorney. You will receive a response in writing within ten, (10) business days of receipt of your appeal. · If this application is approved the information you receive may not be permitted to be used for solicitation or fundraising purposes. 

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