What is the online Beach Permit purchasing process?
  1. Create/Login to your Town of Babylon Parks account. Click here to create an account/login. 
  2. Upload your Driver’s License & Car Registration. If you uploaded these documents last year, and they aren't expired, you do not need to upload them again. Click here to upload. 
  3. Purchase your 2022 Beach Permit. Please have your license plate number on hand while completing your transaction. Click here to purchase. 
  4. After you purchase your Beach Permit, your documents will be reviewed by the Park’s Staff. Your 2022 Beach Permit will be mailed to you beginning AFTER April 1st. 

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1. What beaches do I have access to with the 2022 Town of Babylon Beach Permit?
2. How and Where are 2022 Town of Babylon Beach Permits being sold?
3. How much does a 2022 Town of Babylon Beach Permit cost?
4. What documents do I need in order to purchase a 2022 Town of Babylon Beach Permit?
5. What is the online Beach Permit purchasing process?
6. How can I check the status of my Beach Permit purchase?
7. When will I receive my 2022 Beach Permit in the mail?
8. I created an account last year, but don’t remember by username and/or password:
9. How do I upload my Driver's License and Car Registration(s)?
10. I uploaded my documents last year. Do I need to upload them again?
11. I’m over 18 and live with family. How do I create an account/get a beach sticker?
12. What if my car is register to my company/job?
13. What if I have issues with my car registration and/or driver’s license? Or need to do a change of address on my registration/license?
14. What if I need a replacement beach pass?
15. How will you make sure non-residents won’t get access to a Town of Babylon Resident Recreation Permit?