Who removes a dead animal from the roadway?

Dogs: You may contact the Animal Shelter at 631-643-9270 for a deceased stray dog in the roadway. The dog will be scanned for a microchip and all attempts will be made to locate the owner. 

Cats & Wildlife: 

  • Town roadways please call 3-1-1 or 631-957-7474
  • State Roadways please call 631-420-4270 (Deer Park Ave. (North of Southern State Pkwy), Conklin St., Sunrise Hwy, Montauk Hwy., Route109, Route 110.)
  • County roadways please call 631-852-4010 (Great Neck Rd., Wellwood Ave., Bay Shore Rd., Oak St., Straight path., Commack Rd., Deer Park Ave. (South of Southern State Pkwy). 
  • Amityville Village roadways 631-264-6000 
  • Babylon Village roadways 631-669-4878
  • Lindenhurst Village roadways 631-957-7500 

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