How can I contact the Town Clerk?

The phone numbers for the Town Clerk's office are:

  • Vital Records: 
    • Marriage Licenses & Certificates (631) 957-4294 
    • Birth Certificates, Death Certificates and Burial Permits (631) 957-3007
  • Licenses & Permits: 
    • Seasonal Permits, Peddlers Licenses, Plumbing Licenses and FOILS (631) 957-4292
    • Dog Licenses, Liquor Licenses, Pigeon Licenses, Landscaping Licenses and Beach Leases (631) 957-3026
    • Towing Licenses, Parades, Public Congregations, Bazaars, Carnival and Fairs (631) 957-4285
    • Miscellaneous 
      • Town Board information, Notice of Impending Lawsuits, Block Parties, Bingo, Bell Jar, and Game of Chance (631) 957-4288

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