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1. What are the Town's hours of operation?
2. Where can I obtain a guide of Town events?
3. Where do I go to vote?
4. What roads in the Town of Babylon are maintained by New York State?
5. What roads in the Town of Babylon are maintained by Suffolk County?
6. Does the Town offer parenting classes?
7. Where can I obtain a passport?
8. Where can I get a handicapped parking permit?
9. What are the guidelines for keeping a boat on private property?
10. May I fuel up my boat behind my house with a fuel truck?
11. Can I park a vehicle on the street for the purposes of selling it if it does not have license plates or vehicle registration information?
12. Who do I contact about abandoned and unregistered vehicles left on the street?
13. Who does the sidewalk in front of my house belong to?
14. What can I do to notify the Town of a privately owned fence that is deteriorating and may need to be replaced?
15. What can I do if my neighbor's trees are growing onto my property?
16. Where can I find out about boarded-up homes in my neighborhood?
17. Who do I call to report a water main break?
18. Who do I call concerning the sewer waste pipe from my home leading to the street?
19. Who can I contact to report a clogged street drain in a residential area?
20. When did the Town of Babylon start its recycling program?
21. I am interested in having wedding photos taken at Argyle Park. Is that a Town of Babylon park?