How do I file a grievance?
If you feel your property is over assessed, you can file a grievance to challenge your assessed value. You must fill out an application to begin the process, sometime in mid-April through the third Tuesday in May (Grievance Day). Application forms can be obtained from the Town Assessor’s office or the New York State website @ All grievances must be submitted by the third Tuesday in May.

If you wish, you may appear before the Board of Assessment Review (BOAR), an independent board, to have your complaint heard. Regardless of whether or not you appear, you must still file a written grievance form.

All Assessment Reviews are held in the Town Board Room on Grievance Day. Meeting times are from 10:00 am to noon and 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. It is not necessary for a grievant to appear before the Board in order to submit their grievance.

Grievance forms can be mailed or brought in personally. If it is mailed, it is the applicant’s responsibility to be certain that the application is received in time by this office.

The Board of Assessment Review (BOAR) is responsible for making a determination on a grievance complaint. The grievant is usually notified of the BOAR’s determination by July. If the applicant disagrees with the Board’s decision, they may seek judicial review by proceeding to the next step; filing a small claims petition with the Suffolk County Clerk’s Office in Riverhead, NY.

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1. How do I file a grievance?
2. What can I do if my grievance is denied?